Inspired By Jackson Pollock

18th June 2019

Drip by drip the walls have come to life at Movilla House Nursing Home with a new exhibit inspired by Jackson Pollock and created by Movilla House residents.

The world reknowned artist Jackson Pollock wanted to express his feelings rather than illustrate them.

Georgie Bell, Movilla House Activities Coordinator commented, ‘Each resident has taken Pollock’s ideas and expanded on them to interpret them in their own way. It’s truly amazing art, some of them look like they are by professional painters.’

Art and creativity has been a part of many of Movilla’s residents’ lives and this captures and carries on that great tradition. They have got messy (very messy), used their imagination had fun, loads of fun.

No matter the level of skill it just goes to show that a beautiful piece of art can be created. Our Jackson Pollock inspired paintings now adorn the walls of our dining room. Please take a moment and enjoy this fabulous exhibit.

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